A primal pleasure, fire conveys a feeling of togetherness and warmth.

Sal Pilato loves fireplaces. He has built houses with more fireplaces than bedrooms. In Connecticut, and throughout New England, who doesn’t enjoy a well built fire? A well appointed fireplace adds romance, warmth and conviviality to a home or outdoor patio.

When Sal started out as a mason decades ago, fireplaces were mostly wood burning. Now, there is tremendous demand for turn-key, gas-fired options or using inserts. Our work includes building fireplace surrounds, inserting prefabricated fireplaces, and constructing or repairing existing fireplaces.

There are so many variations on fireplaces, after deciding on wood-fueled or gas-fueled, there are a number of aesthetics, design and function elements to consider. A current common design request is brick laid in a herringbone pattern. It creates a distinctive aesthetic. After considering the owner’s tastes, our designs optimize functionality above all. There is an emphasis on proper craftsmanship and design and using quality brick, stone and building materials.

Fireplaces and Chimneys

We have significant experience with fireplace and chimney masonry, be it a repair, restoration or new project.  

Fireplaces have traditionally been a symbol of wealth and also provide a point of interest to a room. A fireplace helps define character and build personality for a home. Accordingly, choosing a fireplace style is a matter of personal preference.

Our designs and rebuilds hit a range of aesthetics: colonial New England, modern farmhouse, refined rustic, craftsman style. The homes in Fairfield and Westchester Counties tend to house fieldstone fireplaces. Fieldstone masonry itself can vary according to stone selection and color, stone cutting technique, its joints, using dry stone technique, using river rock, etc. Projects include surrounds made from tiles, marble, granite (including slab material), concrete and geometric stone strips. We pride ourselves as being knowledgeable resources for finding large-format stone, stone slabs, and reclaimed wood, locally. These pieces make for surrounds, mantels and/or hearths with great character.

Beyond masonry technique, there are a number of details to consider such as stone or material selection and material texture. Preferences for a base or baseless fireplace, surrounds that cover the entire wall, the shape of its opening, its firebox design. Because of the endless details and options, fireplaces help make homeowners feel at home.

Pizza Ovens, Outdoor Kitchens, and Barbecues

We are passionate about creating food with quality ingredients. When you’re particular about your pizza, when you care about what tomatoes to use, how your dough is made, your olive oil, you probably care about how it is cooked. We love the science involved in a wood burning oven, with a well-constructed chimney, floor, and opening. A well-designed wood burning oven enables the proper temperature for the floor, and an even hotter temperature in the air. We love the correct engineering as much as we love the conviviality and good cheer of party around an outdoor pizza oven.

We have also created patio barbecues with all of the amenities of a standard kitchen. An outdoor kitchen is the ideal setting to convene with nature while entertaining guests or cooking for family.

Outdoor Fire Pits and Fireplaces

Fires are a primal pleasure. They convey a feeling of togetherness and warmth. At Pilato’s Artscape, we build patio fireplaces and fire pits that turn the outdoors into a cozy, welcoming space. A well-designed fireplace setting will connect your home and landscape together, naturally inviting guests to explore beyond indoor comforts. 

Outdoor fire features can be as simple as natural stone enclosing a wood burning pit, to a grand hearth alongside a patio for entertaining. Gas fixtures can also be included for ease of use and a smokeless flame.